Electron tubes are tested at issue before sale also is accepted to replace or refund the amount of it until the 10 days of receipt, in case of failure inherent in their construction that can not be found in previous testing, not is included: break in the transportation, use outside the parameters set by the manufacturer, these problems caused by malfunctions in the equipment where it is placed, cut filament. In all cases does not include shipping (only accept payment by mistake of sending in the clearance process or product selection that is not attributable to information provided by the customer), proceed to change or replace the same upon delivery in box / original packaging.


Can be made in pesos (the local currency of Argentina), Dollars or Euros, and is considered completed when the amount of the sale coincides with the deposited amount available, not accepting or different amounts under the agreement excludes the use rounding ATM or self-service terminals that do not accept coins. The time varies accreditation means is chosen as a reference is given that: the self-service terminal deposits are reflected after the tonnage of the same from 16hs, transfers from 24 to 72 hours depending on the bank and location, network Banelco within 24 hours, Money Order is immediate, immediate Paypal, Dineromail time and crediting the amount received, as the case of Paypal, email question, announcing that the amount is available. After receiving payment, I come to report the situation and proceeded to issue the relevant invoices 'C'.


The same shall, without exception, once credited the purchase amount plus shipping or freight, as appropriate, working within 48 hours later, after which it will provide the tracking code number or refer / invoice from contractor . Despite the protection provided for the purchase, are not responsible for the delay, robbery, theft, breakage or loss of shipment, the customer complaint made directly to the medium engaged with all information and vouchers will be available. For the same return for being absent, address exist or is not withdrawn within 30 days of employment offices, the expenses incurred are borne by the customer. According to the chosen medium in shipment deadlines vary between 24-72 hours for parcels up to 10 days by Correo Argentino (Local) or 15 days (International).

Any other situation not covered in the preceding description, ask first.